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ATT-Ensemble, Sankarihymni. Kuva: Mape Heikura

ILME is a multidisciplinary cultural cooperative
that aims to increase society’s well being
through equally accessible art


ILME operates to aggregate and to facilitate quality community art through Finland. Community art aims to equality and engagement in communities through interactive art. It shakes down the presumptions of who can make art and to whom art is made. Through cultural democracy activity ILME works to bring art to wider audiences, to those who are often marginalised or invisible to others.




Our services are socially engaged workshops, art education, theatre and music performances and multidisciplinary artwork.


Services apply to various groups of people:

People with disabilities or underlying health conditions

People in socially challenging life situations

People working with people above

People who wish to increase art in their lives

Various work communities and free-time groups

Ordinary people in more or less normative life situations, who wish to have more joy in life


Who are we?


ILME consists of 34 artists in different art fields.



Theatre and Dance

Visual arts

Word art

Audiovisual art

Cartoon art


Take a look at the introduction of our artists!


ILME has a partnership agreement with the city of Oulu. Also, we work in association with other municipalities, corporations and nonprofit organisations across the country to empower communities locally and nationwide.


ILME is actively seeking collaboration opportunities, both nationally and internationally. Please do not hesitate to contact us!




Kehä is an one-to-one art festival. Every year tens of artists from different art fields and various countries offer one-to-one artwork to festival visitors. The aim is to provide a personal moment of art experience. It can be healing, caring, awaking, or purely breathtaking. 


The latest KEHÄ symposium aroused discussion about one-to-one art in care home milieus: Can one-to-one art help supporting elderly or youngsters in challenging situations?

Here you can follow the recording of the symposium with Finnish and English presentations, and with Finnish subtitles.


KEHÄ aims to raise social discussion around the annual themes:

2023 No specific theme

2022 Dominion

2021 Love

2020 Boundary 

2019 Fear

2018 Gender

2016 Privat - Secret

2015 Time of Day

Visit here to see some more in Finnish.

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